The Richmond Group of Independent Management Consultants Ltd

Welcome to the Richmond Group

The Richmond Group (RG) is a network and community of independent management consultants.

You can become more successful as a consultant by being a member of RG.

This is because you will experience:

  • Personal development through thought provoking events
  • Practice development through new ideas and options from colleague members
  • Business development through networking with other members

Personal Development through thought provoking events

  • Saturday seminars. These are held every other month and typically have two speakers – one from RG, and one external covering a truly diverse range of fascinating topics from new approaches to strategy, social networking, fish markets in New York, development pathways of technologies (TRIZ), to the importance of punctuation! Prepare to have your horizon expanded through thought provoking access to fascinating speakers. As an RG member you get free access to all Saturday seminars although payment may be required for refreshments and lunch.
  • London weekday seminars. At cost access to London evening seminars/meetings held through RG’s partnership with Jungle Drums.

Practice development through new ideas and options from colleague members

  • Networking at events and using online facilities. The on-line facilities include a linked-in membership group and a private GoogleGoup email facility.
  • Peer support. Members are quick to respond to appeals for support and help from other Members.
  • Peer knowledge and experience. The membership of RG covers a broad variety of management/business consultancy disciplines and market sectors, so you can draw on a broad range of perspectives and experience.

Business development through networking with other members

  • Business development. Members are featured in the Directory of Consultants. Also, Members often introduce opportunities and collaborate on business development and client projects.
  • Richmond Group brand. The right to use of the Richmond Group brand on your website and other marketing collateral.

About Us

The Richmond Group is a small select network and community of independent management consultants based mainly in the South East of England although our network extends across the UK.

The Group exists to support its consultant Members by providing opportunities and resources for professional development, practice development, and business development.

The Richmond Group of Independent Consultants Ltd was first constituted in October 1982.

It arose from the Sole Practitioners and Small Firms special interest group of the Institute of Management Consultancy (which is now the Institute of Consulting), which had been meeting regularly at a hotel in Richmond, Surrey.

With its cadre of senior, experienced members who bring exceptional skills and experience to assignments, the Richmond Group rivals many larger consultancies. Indeed, it is from these large consultancies that many of our Members have gained their consultancy training and experience at senior level, while others have held important positions in industry and commerce.

The Richmond Group is not required to register with the Information Commissioner’s office, however we do need to comply with the European Union’s GDPR, please click here to download our privacy notice.

Members have expertise in a wide range of functions and market sectors including:

Functional areas:


Strategy and Business Management

Strategic Planning
Business Development
Business Planning
Go to Market
Marketing and Brand


Business Process Management

Project and Programme Management
Quality Management
Change Management
Supply Chain


IT Management

IT Management






Company Formation
M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)
Corporate Investment



Human Resources

Management Development



Market Sectors

Public Administration
Manufacturing and Distribution



And many more….

What RG member clients get from working with RG members

The Richmond Group brings together a small select network of the UK’s leading independent management consultancies. They share a common vision, positive values and the advantage of being amongst the leading practitioners in their specialist disciplines.

The Richmond Group Consultancy Service Video:

Clients of RG consultants benefit from:

  • Working with highly experienced and able consultants (otherwise they would not be able to be RG members)
  • Access to functional and sector aspects which their consultant can bring in through the RG network
  • Assurance of professional and ethical standards underwritten by the RG code of practice

To see precisely what RG consultants have to offer please check out our Directory of Members page. Please make direct contact with the consultant(s) concerned to discuss your requirements in more detail.



The Richmond Group provides a wide variety of events, media and other activities for sharing knowledge and ideas and for networking. These include:

  • Saturday morning seminars. Free to members, there are normally 6 of these each year. The format varies but typically involves 2 speakers, Member news and time for networking. Saturday seminars are held at the varying venues including the Hilton Cobham and The Leatherhead Golf Club.
  • London evening seminars. These occasional events are normally held in central London such as The Lamb Public House. The format is varied but they are all interactive and informal.  We also have a close relationship with the Jungledrum who meet monthly, normally Upstairs @ The Royal Oak, York Street, Marylebone, London W1H 1QN
  • Group email. Members have access to an exclusive Group email address which enables them to contact all Members with one email. This is used to introduce work opportunities, seek help and to provide information.
  • Conferences. The Group arranges conferences from time-to-time.
  • Social activities. There is an annual golf day. Other social activities have included Christmas suppers and weekend barbeques.
  • Linkedin Group. Richmond Group has a Linkedin group with over 250 members.
  • Twitter. Our twitter feed @RichmondGroupUK is another means for members and others to interact.

Event Programme

Visit our Eventbrite page and search for “Richmond Group”.


Richmond Group Consultancy Services


Visit our Eventbrite page to see all our Events

Next Event:

You are invited to join us at our March Meeting, where we will continue to focus our efforts on helping members to develop their businesses.

At the meeting on 9 March – which will take place at Leatherhead Golf Club – you will have opportunity to learn how to use behavioural psychology for business development advantage; further details below.  In addition, during the orchestrated part of the meeting, there will be opportunity to:

  • understand the key areas on which RG is likely to focus both to help members’ develop their businesses and to grow RG’s membership
  • reflect on RG’s latest development plans. 

In addition, some members will have the opportunity to inspire others about what they do; this is intended to become a rolling programme where everyone is given a similar opportunity.

Please invite former members that might re-join or prospective members that might join if they were aware of the new focus on helping members develop their businesses.  


Times subject to final confirmation

09:00Arrival and coffee

09:30Welcome, meeting objectives and agenda – Graham Kennedy

09:40Inspiring each other about what we do – Gareth Bunn

10:00Member demographics and what we value – Andrew Brown

10:20Development plans for the Richmond Group – Graham Kennedy


10:40Coffee and Networking


11:10  Using behavioural psychology for business development advantage – Richard Chataway


12:40Meeting on 11 May: From generating opportunities to closing the deal/beyond Brexit

12:50Members’ notice board


We look forward to seeing you on 9 March.


Behavioural Science for Business Development Advantage.

This workshop will introduce the key concepts of behavioural economics and behavioural science, and how they can be used to successfully drive business development. It will bring you some of the latest research into decision-making and demonstrate many practical and fun examples as applied to the real world.

Attendees will be given insight on how behavioural science can influence our personal and professional lives and will experience some common techniques during the session, including a simple framework to enable you to successfully change the behaviour of others for business development.



Presenter:Richard Chataway, Communication Science Group


One of the most experienced practitioners using behavioural science in communications. 

He successfully used it to get people to join the armed forces, drink spirits rather than wine, submit their taxes, buy flatpack furniture, and take public transport – to name a few. He also led the development of the world’s most successful stop smoking mobile app (My QuitBuddy).

Richard has worked in strategic roles for government, in Australia and the UK. Commercial clients include Lloyds Banking Group, Google, Atos, IKEA, Pfizer, Sainsbury’s, ING, ITV, BT, Kimberly Clark, American Express, InterContinental Hotels Group, Campari, FOX Networks, Starbucks and Unilever.  He developed the first training program for behaviour change communications at the COI in 2010. Richard is a board member of the Association for Business Psychology.

2019 General meeting dates at a glance

 9th March  [At Leatherhead Golf Club]

 11th May also the AGM  [At Leatherhead Golf Club]

13th July  [At Leatherhead Golf Club]

14th September  [At Leatherhead Golf Club]

16th November  [At Leatherhead Golf Club]




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Calvert Markham’s Message

It was an honour to be the first President of the Richmond Group. As you explore this web site, you will see that the Richmond Group is a vibrant society of professional consultants, who engage with each other to enhance their personal performance, the performance of their consulting businesses, and the services they offer their clients. After 6 years service as President and many more as a member I am now stepping down and leave the group in safe hands.

RG Board

  • Chairman, David Peregrine-Jones
    020 8287 0110 / 07879 815294
  • CEO, Chris Edge
    07976 301621
  • Hon Treasurer, Mike Thompson
    07785 762001
  • Elected Member, Hugh Stafford-Smith
    01483275072 / 07830207859
  • Elected Member, Andrew Brown