General Meeting

Speaker/ Facilitator: Kelvin Forrester

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Kelvin Forrester will act as Chairman for this meeting, with a member's presentation and main speaker

09:45 Speaker/ Facilitator: Dr Stephen Sweid

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Instant Solutions One-Day Consulting Scheme”

Synergy is 1+1=10 and this new consulting scheme is all about resonance. This highly interactive scheme involves two well inter-attuned consultants interacting face to face with the owner or CEO and/ or his team, not knowing sometimes initially what the requirement is about. It is mainly about reaching a resonance state during the session and coming up with high value creative solutions and suggestions in a short span of time of some 5 hours in total while interacting with the client.  It adds much more sophistication to the outcome of the consulting session, as compared to a solo consultant, with a big difference in the quality and quantity of suggested solutions. It is a special kind of brainstorming. It is also a wakeup call session for the client. Due to compactness consultants can deal with many more companies resulting in a stronger impact in the market.

The scheme has been discussed before at RG, and many ideas in the presentation emanate from previous discussions with a number of RG consultants. Presenter Dr. Sweid had the chance to try out this scheme successfully in Dubai on numerous occasions in the last couple of years, with proven superiority. Dr. Sweid has a strong background in innovation and brainstorming sessions, and indeed management and business consulting, including workshops, training courses and coaching.

The presentation will introduce this promising scheme and its prospective target market quickly, and will elaborate on the different rules and techniques to be applied and the different criteria for success. More trials in the real market in the UK are needed to refine and consolidate this scheme.


11:00 Speaker/ Facilitator: Alistair Schofield

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Alistair Schofield, Director at MyBrain International Limited will lead a session on neurometrics – psychometric profiling based on neuroscience – and how the mind works and its implications for business.


MyBrain International are the creators of the MiND profiling tool, the world’s first neurometric.
MiND is unique amongst personal and team profiling tools in that it is based on neuroscientific foundations. While some other tools make similar claims, in all other cases their links to the brain are through a metaphorical model. MiND is different in that it demonstrates the clausal links between the psychology of a person and the physiology of their brain. For this reason it is unique in being able to answer the ‘why’ questions – Why do I think this way? Why am I energised by some activities and not by others? Why do I get on well with some people but less well with others?

MiND is distributed through a network of trained Practitioners. These are all people working in training, coaching or organisational development roles who embed the tool in their own training programmes or use it as a stand-alone element in their coaching or team development work.
In team development the MiND tool is so effective that most teams and team leaders report visible improvements in performance after just a single workshop!

Speaker: Kelvin Forrester
08 July 2017,
from 09:00 to 14:00
The Park Room, Leatherhead Golf Club, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0EE
Before the Coffee Break

Member presentation Stephen Sweid “Instant Solutions One-Day Consulting Scheme”

Speaker: Dr Stephen Sweid

Main speaker - Alistair Schofield

Speaker: Alistair Schofield

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General Meeting

Gareth Bunn
Speaker: Gareth Bunn Speech and persuasion In an increasingly competitive world, we need to ensure that all our spoken word communications - messages and presentations - really hit the mark. So, good advice would be to start by ditching PowerPoint – let’s get back to what really works with humans. Gareth Bunn presented at RG meetings in 2010 on this subject and also at our annual conference in 2011. Perhaps it is time we all had a refresh….?

Speaker: Gareth Bunn has had several successful careers - in the Civil Service, as a Management Consultant and Partner in Ernst & Young, and in IT services where he was Vice President at Capgemini responsible for the Transport and Travel sector and then the Public Services sector For the last 10 years he has run his own business specialising in communications and leadership, providing strategic bid coaching, training and leadership coaching Gareth is licensed to teach and use the “Kipper” tool.

13 Jan 18, 09:30-13:30 map
The Telegraph Telegraph Road, Putney Heath, London

Cost (incl. VAT): Members £20;
Non-members £20; Members' guests £20
Early booking: Members £0;
Non-members £0; Members' guests £20

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General Meeting

Lucy Loh
Speaker: Lucy Loh Richmond Group's bi-monthly general meeting with guest speaker Lucy Loh who will talk about Patterns of Strategy – a radical systemic approach to strategy development

10 Mar 18, 09:30-13:30 map
The Telegraph Telegraph Road, Putney Heath, London

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