General meeting

Speaker/ Facilitator: Philip Taylor

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Philip Taylor will act as Chairman for this meeting, with a member's presentation and main speaker

09:45 Speaker/ Facilitator: Mike Barnato

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The Worcester Warrior (Worrier)

The unwanted assignment that changed everything

11:00 Speaker/ Facilitator: Mr Malcolm Sleath

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What do consultants say after they say 'Hello'?

There are two questions to which every human being constantly needs an answer to keep sane: "Who am I?" and, "What am I doing here?"

Most of the time we never give these questions a second thought, mainly because, traumatic crises aside, we unconsciously decide the answers at an early stage of life.

But describing oneself as a consultant can bring these decisions into sharp relief.

Malcolm Sleath is the developer of 12boxes, which has been described as a superb framework for thinking though, planning and executing the process of client engagement.

In this talk he reflects upon how we position ourselves with clients and how attitudes and assumptions can make the difference between seemingly effortless success, and frustration, struggle, and eventual burn-out.

Speaker: Philip Taylor
09 September 2017,
from 09:00 to 14:00
The Park Room, Leatherhead Golf Club, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0EE
Before the Coffee Break

Member presentation by Mike Barnato

Speaker: Mike Barnato

Main speaker Malcolm Sleath; What do consultants say after they say 'Hello'?

Speaker: Mr Malcolm Sleath

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General Meeting

Gareth Bunn
Speaker: Gareth Bunn Speech and persuasion In an increasingly competitive world, we need to ensure that all our spoken word communications - messages and presentations - really hit the mark. So, good advice would be to start by ditching PowerPoint – let’s get back to what really works with humans. Gareth Bunn presented at RG meetings in 2010 on this subject and also at our annual conference in 2011. Perhaps it is time we all had a refresh….?

Speaker: Gareth Bunn has had several successful careers - in the Civil Service, as a Management Consultant and Partner in Ernst & Young, and in IT services where he was Vice President at Capgemini responsible for the Transport and Travel sector and then the Public Services sector For the last 10 years he has run his own business specialising in communications and leadership, providing strategic bid coaching, training and leadership coaching Gareth is licensed to teach and use the “Kipper” tool.

13 Jan 18, 09:30-13:30 map
The Telegraph Telegraph Road, Putney Heath, London

Cost (incl. VAT): Members £20;
Non-members £20; Members' guests £20
Early booking: Members £0;
Non-members £0; Members' guests £20

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General Meeting

Lucy Loh
Speaker: Lucy Loh Richmond Group's bi-monthly general meeting with guest speaker Lucy Loh who will talk about Patterns of Strategy – a radical systemic approach to strategy development

10 Mar 18, 09:30-13:30 map
The Telegraph Telegraph Road, Putney Heath, London

Cost (incl. VAT):

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