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Speaker/ Facilitator: Gareth Bunn

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Speech and persuasion

In an increasingly competitive world, we need to ensure that all our spoken word communications - messages and presentations - really hit the mark So, good advice would be to start by ditching PowerPoint – let’s get back to what really works with humans

Gareth Bunn presented at RG meetings in 2010 on this subject and also at our annual conference in 2011 Perhaps it is time we all had a refresh…?

What is it about?

Communication is at the heart of virtually everything we do in our working lives We communicate using the spoken word in the sales pitch, the leadership presentation, the bid for promotion, for team on-boarding, and in training and change management We use it as an instrument of both our corporate and personal ambitions

Yet most speeches and presentations fall very short of the mark Too many words, very few ideas, and precious little persuasion

If we are to be truly effective, we need to design our presentation of ideas in a way which is not just understandable, but also memorable and convincing Too often there is a mis-placed emphasis on over-complicated, dense and probably illegible slide-ware We have all been victims and perpetrators of this – surely, we now know how counter-productive it is

So, what does work? Apart from using our own powers of observation, we can find some answers in science – notably biology, neuroscience and anthropology, But the Classics provide a rich source of understanding and technique If you want the manual – read Cicero’s De Oratore!  Although technology has changed markedly in the last two millennia, the way the human mind works has not

Session 1 before coffee

In the first session, Gareth will highlight some of the foundations of effective and ineffective communication:

·       the different styles of rhetoric and when each is appropriate

·       the levers of persuasion

·       when an idea is not an idea

·       responding to the silent conversation



Sessions 2 and 3 after coffee

In the second session, Gareth will re-introduce the “kipper” tool courtesy of William Macnair for the design and delivery of persuasive presentations This provides a structure and a sequence of design that will enable development of compelling and winning presentations


Finally, Gareth will explore the many issues associated with using visual aids to support presentations We will look at the science – what is called the problem of the two nerves – and then move on to solutions to the problem both from a delivery and design perspective


Our speaker

Gareth Bunn has had several successful careers - in the Civil Service, as a Management Consultant and Partner in Ernst & Young, and in IT services where he was Vice President at Capgemini responsible for the Transport and Travel sector and then the Public Services sector

For the last 10 years he has run his own business specialising in communications and leadership, providing strategic bid coaching, training and leadership coaching Gareth is licensed to teach and use the “Kipper” tool described above 

Speaker: Gareth Bunn
13 January 2018,
from 09:30 to 13:30
The Telegraph Telegraph Road, Putney Heath, London SW15 3TU

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