Members Memorial

2012 - Devarajan (Rajan) Anketell

Another former member has recendly died. Rajan was a member of Richmond Group for a number of years. Jeff Herman summed him up aptly "My memory of Rajan was a very kindly, friendly and welcoming individual and IT consultant, an excellent networker always prepared to help." Mike Barnato says I remember Rajan’s approachability, wide range of interests and active involvement with many professional and membership bodies"
David Grant says "I knew Rajan well some years ago, both in RG and IMC when he ran one of the IT related special interest groups. For those who remember, I used to Chair the group which oversaw all the Institute’s Special Interest Groups, as well as my involvement in the Public Sector SIG. Rajan was Chair of his SIG. A lovely guy, passionate about consulting, often challenging but totally dedicated to the profession and the Institute. He put in an enormous amount of time and effort to promote the profession and will be sadly missed." and
Bob Empson emailed to say "Sad news. I also got to know Rajan in the mid/late-90s when he was very involved with the IMC (and when I chaired a SIG and was on Council). I believe he was on IMC’s Council at one time and, as David recalls, he chaired the IT SIG. I always found Rajan very supportive, open and friendly. He challenged constructively and always had the best interests of IMC and the profession at heart. One of the good guys."

2011 - Dave Granshaw

Sadly, one of our members, Dave Granshaw passed away in September 2011. RGs Chairman, Chris Edge, and Council member, Alan Finn, represented the Group at Dave's funeral. His wife Sue, prepared an excelent eulogy; this eulogy represents Dave much better than we could. Dave loved cooking so in addition, Sue has provided this set of recipes from Dave, produced by his son. Sue, who apparently has been a consultant longer than Dave, hopes to join RG and will attend our November 2011 regular meeting at Cobham Hilton.

2010 - Peter Grant

Peter Grant, our first honorary Life member sadly died in 2010. RG's President, Calvert Markham, and Deputy Chairman, Chris Edge, attended his funeral. Peter was instrumental in getting the Group to use email and will be sadly missed. Our President, Calvert Markham has provided this obituary:

"I first met Peter Grant in the early 1990s when my company was contracted to provide a series of training courses for IBM called “Passport to the 90s” – a programme intended to equip IBM’ers for the world of consulting. Peter was seconded to the programme as an IBM tutor, but it was not long after that that he decided to leave IBM to become a consultant himself. There was a regular exodus of IBM’ers at that time, who were encouraged, should they wish, to become consultants with the prospect of IBM continuing to have access to their knowhow and skills via a company it had set up to engage them as consultants.

Peter soon after joined the Richmond Group. I, however, knew him more closely than through simply this contact; he lived close by and it was soon after that he took on looking after the IT for our business. He established a Lotus Notes data base for our contact management system and looked after all our software issues. He did much more than was required in this role – something that other members of the Richmond Group also found and valued. In both our business and in the Richmond Group he was an early adopter and encouraged us all to get up to speed with emerging technologies.

Peter retired from work at the age of 60 and his activity with the Richmond Group also reduced at that time. His contribution to the group – which involved many hours of work – was recognised by his being made the Group’s first Honorary Life Member.

His wife Judy had died prematurely a little while earlier and although Peter was an active grandfather he decided that he would indulge a love of travel and dancing and become a “gentleman escort” for Cunard. Cruises invariably have more ladies than men on them and the gentleman escort is to provide a dance partner for unaccompanied ladies who like to dance in an evening. It was while on one of these cruises – after many years of travel with Cunard and other cruise companies – that Peter was taken ill and died.

We also had another contact: he had become a magistrate and served on the same bench as my wife. And it was through this magisterial link that we heard of his death at the age of 69. Calvert"

2008 - Graham Ross

Graham Ross was a past Chairman in 1997-98 and an active member of council for many years.