Benefits of Joining RG

The Benefits of membership of the Richmond Group are significant. They include:

Saturday seminars. Free access to every half-day Saturday seminar/meeting (see Events & Networking). There are normally 6 of these seminars each year.

London weekday seminars. At cost (normally £10 including pub buffet) access to London evening seminars/meetings (see Events & Networking).

Business development. Members introduce work opportunities to the Group. Also, Members often collaborate on business development and client projects.

Peer support. Members are quick to respond to appeals for support and help from other Members. As a Member you can contact each/any Member directly or an exclusive group email gives Members direct and quick access to all other Members.

Some examples of the type of support which Members freely provide to each other include:

  • Advice regarding their projects (respecting, of course, requirements for client confidentiality).

  • Advice on proposals and bids.

  • Expert knowledge about specific sectors.

  • Introductions to work opportunities.

  • Informal coaching and mentoring.

  • Recommendations about suppliers (eg for insurance or technology/software).

  • Support and advice at difficult moments (eg if you ever have a lull in work).

    Gavin Makowski who joined early in 2015 said following a request for advice and several members chipping in "I’d just like to briefly share (being a new member, and a newer consultant) that this has been very useful and enlightening. I have also much enjoyed the previous two Saturday meetings, both the ‘mixing in’ with the industry, and the professional development aspects achieved from the presentations. I’ve justified my membership fee already.

    A very good impression and I would think/hope that potential new members will view RG similarly."

Learning and continued professional development. This can be gained, for example:

  • Attending and participating in the Saturday morning seminars/meetings

  • Attending our London evening seminars.

  • Networking with other Members.

  • Working on projects with other Members.

Networking. Membership enables many opportunities for networking with other members and visitors to our meetings. Networking is also facilitated with our exclusive “all member” email and through our Linkedin Group.

Use of the Richmond Group brand. Members can use the Richmond Group brand to demonstrate that they are a professional consultant and qualified member of an established network and community of expert independent consultants. We also encourage our members to undertake activities (e.g. draft white papers, conduct original research etc.), which enhances the brand image and complements their own business development initiatives

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