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What does AI mean for independent management consulting businesses?

An online Members Coffee Break Discussion

Wednesday 24th May: 10.30 until 11.30am

Welcome to the Richmond Group

Richmond Group is an association of international consultants drawn from a wide range of consulting disciplines and industry sectors.

It is a membership organisation which provides:

  • Personal development through thought provoking events
  • Practice development through new ideas and options from colleague members
  • Business development through networking with other members

We meet virtually (as well as really when possible) and are open to members throughout the world.

Achieve more together than you can alone.

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Richmond Group provides a wide variety of events for sharing knowledge, ideas and for networking:

In depth meetings with a wide range of topics to develop members knowledge.

Currently virtual, these are held on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Briefer weekday lunchtime discussions and evening social events.

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Upcoming Events

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Richmond Group brings together a select group of experienced independent consultants from around the UK and Internationally.

They share a common vision, positive values and the advantage of being amongst the leading practitioners in their specialist disciplines.

Clients of RG consultants benefit from:
Working with highly experienced and able consultants (otherwise they would not be able to be RG members)

Find a consultant for your project or business:

You can find out more about the expertise and sector experience in our Directory of Members. Our search facility allows you to find the appropriate consultant for you.

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