Richmond Group of Independent Consultants

About Us

Richmond Group is a friendly community and network of consultants from around the UK and Internationally.

It supports consultant members by providing professional, practice, and business development.

Our Purpose is: To enable independent consultants to realise more of their full potential through sharing knowledge, developing clients and strengthening society

Our Aim is:

  • To facilitate the personal development of members through the delivery of events which engage new and alternative thinking. Members get the opportunity to network with other consultants with differing perspectives
  • To facilitate professional development through joint business development activities and access to a network of highly experienced consultants as associates on specific projects

All Richmond Group members are experienced consultants, or wish to become active in a consulting role. The membership consists of sole practitioners or members of small practices.


The Richmond Group of Independent Management Consultants Ltd was first constituted in August 1982.

It arose from the Sole Practitioners and Small Firms special interest group of the Institute of Management Consultancy (which is now the Institute of Consulting), which had been meeting regularly at a hotel in Richmond, Surrey.

With its cadre of senior, experienced members who bring exceptional skills and experience to assignments, the Richmond Group rivals many larger consultancies. Indeed, it is from these large consultancies that many of our Members have gained their consultancy training and experience at senior level, while others have held important positions in industry and commerce.

The Richmond Group is not required to register with the Information Commissioner’s office, however we do need to comply with the European Union’s GDPR, please click here to download our privacy notice.

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I joined RG some 15 years ago. Since then I have met many interesting and competent professional consultants from whom I continue to learn and who are all people I would have no hesitation in turning to for help advice or support. RG has an international mindset and is keen to use the Working from Home (WFH) mode to build a wider membership within our time zone – and I look forward to facilitating this growth.  ”
David Peregrine-Jones

Park House Associates

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