Working with RG Members

What RG member clients get from working with RG members

The Richmond Group is a select network of the UK’s leading independent management consultancies. They share a common vision, positive values and the advantage of being amongst the leading practitioners in their specialist disciplines.

Clients of RG consultants benefit from:

  • Working with highly experienced and able consultants (otherwise they would not be able to be RG members)
  • Access to functional and sector aspects which their consultant can bring in through the RG network
  • Assurance of professional and ethical standards underwritten by the RG code of practice
Members have expertise in a wide range of functional specialisms:

Strategy and Business Management * Strategic Planning * Business Development * Business Planning * Marketing and Brand * Design Management * Communications * Business Process Management * Project and Programme Management * Quality Management * Change Management * Supply Chain * Procurement * IT Management * CRM * ERP * Finance * Accounting * Company Formation * M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) * Corporate Investment * Human Resources * Leadership * Management Development * Recruitment * Coaching * Training * and more…

and  experience in most market sectors:

Find a consultant

You can find a consultant to work with you, your team, for your business or organisation. Long term, as an interim or on a specific project. To see precisely what RG consultants have to offer please search our Directory of Members.

The directory has a simple search which enables you to find a consultant by name, service offered or by sector experience.

Click here to search the directory.
Please make direct contact with the consultant(s) concerned to discuss your
requirements in more detail.

I joined RG some 15 years ago. Since then I have met many interesting and competent professional consultants from whom I continue to learn and who are all people I would have no hesitation in turning to for help advice or support.

David Peregrine-Jones

Consultant, Park House Associates

In 2021 I will have been a member for 30 years and I have been pleased to have met so many competent, multifarious, thought provoking and helpful independent consultants, some of whom I have had the pleasure of working with on consultancy projects.

Chris Edge

Council Member , Richmond Group