Jungle Drum Transition

For Richmond Group Members only.

As you know, after 40 years of successful networking as a group of independent management consultants, we will be closing at the end of December 2023. For several years now we have had a very positive affiliation with Jungle Drum, with RG members attending Jungle Drum events and vice versa.

Given that Jungle Drum are a well-established business networking group for independent management consultants, we have agreed with them that any RG member who wishes can have two years’ membership of Jungle Drum paid out of RG reserves. This will allow RG members to continue their networking activities, not only with RG colleagues but also the broader Jungle Drum membership – which will be a benefit to all concerned.

If you would like to take advantage of this arrangement, please register using the form below. Please do so before the end of November 2023 since we will process subscriptions to Jungle Drum in December. It will not be possible for RG to administer a paid-for subscription after early December since we will then be closing our bank account.

If you have any queries on Jungle Drum, please contact Andy Sutton, co-founder and executive director of Jungle Drum. Andy can be reached at .

I look forward to seeing you at Jungle Drum events after the transition.

Peter F

Peter Franklin
The Richmond Group