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My clients are mid-market firms facing challenging situations with a critical need to restore value. I help their businesses to stabilise, recover, rapidly transform, turn around and transact with certainty and profitable growth.
Independent Turnaround Director/Rapid Transformation Leader/Chief Restructuring Officer with board-level experience and 22 successful engagements. Qualified Accountant (FCPA) and Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), focused on empowering and delivering rapid business, finance, projects and commercial results in time-sensitive, difficult and burning platform situations, often initially requiring independent exploration, discovery and diagnosis.
Clients are blue-chip and mid-market family office and Private Equity portfolio businesses.
For more examples of how I can assist your organisation, please see the profile below and the 'projects' under Accomplishments in my LinkedIn profile.

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Crisis | Cash | Stabilisation | Finance Function Recovery | Operational Resilience | Balance Sheet Restructuring | Performance Improvement| ££££ | Growth | Situational Leadership | Mentorship | Change and Business Transformation | Systems

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The Richmond Group is a vibrant society of professional consultants, who engage with each other to enhance their personal performance, the performance of their consulting businesses, and the services they offer their clients. After 6 years service as President and many more as a member I am now stepping down and leave the group in safe hands.

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